KCOBA 95-2001 Class Old Boys Association



Aims & Objectives


Board of Trustee


About Us

The KCOBA 95-2001 Class Old Boys Association is the duly registered association of the 95-2001 set King’s college Old Boys. It was registered as a corporate entity on the 18th Day of August 2020.

Over the years since graduating from the old school, old boys have stayed in touch, and have come together at different times, at different capacities, across different states inside and outside the country. We have stayed connected also via our WhatsApp group which has fostered deeper communications and collaborations amongst us.

On the 16th of March 2020, a re-union event was hosted in Rooken Villas Hotel and Spa, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos,  for old boys, and it was unanimously agreed by the old boys in attendance  that in order to achieve our goals of fostering unity, collaboration, greater business networking amongst old boys, creating an endowment fund to support old boys in need, and also to support the old school through viable and sustainable projects, a legally registered association had to be birthed.

History was made, and the KCOBA 95-2001 Class Old Boys Association was born.


To support every 95-2001 Set King’s college old boy, globally,  in achieving their personal, business, health and welfare goals and objectives.


To create, drive and execute initiatives and projects that lead to the personal, business, health, and welfare upliftment of 95-2001 Set old boys across the globe.

Aims & Objectives of the Association

Executive Committee

Akindele Ogundepo


Mohammed Abubakar

Vice President 1

Kelechi Paul Uchenna

Vice President 2

Henry Mazi-Njoku


Edozie Uka

Vice General Secretary

Adedigba Onasile

Legal Counsel

Olawale S. Amoussa

Vice Legal Counsel

Adeniyi Adeboye

Socials Director

Dungor Nwike Charles

Assistant Social Officer

Adesina Adeniji-Adele

Sports Secretary

Chigba Njokanma


Paul Obodozie

Financial Secretary

Board of Trustees

Moses Nasamu


Usman Umar


Temitope Ogunsemo


Austin Dikibo


Gabriel Eka


Temitope Ogunsemo



Durotoluwa Fassina

Lead, Welfare Hub

Uwazie Kingsley

Lead, Technology Hub

Adekunle Adeleke David

Lead, Business Hub

Mike Nosa-Ehima

Lead, Health Hub

Samuel Ishie

Deputy, Welfare Hub

Nnaemeka Nwosu

Deputy, Technology Hub

Olaoluwa Olorunnisomo

Deputy, Business Hub

Babatunji Olotu

Deputy, Investment Hub

Mike Nosa-Ehima

Lead, Health Hub