KCOBA 95-2001 Class Old Boys Association


We have heard about small ships, big ships, but there is nothing like friendships.”

Something remarkable happened between the years of 1995 – 2001 at the prestigious King’s College Lagos; several boys assembled at the hallowed grounds of our great school, bound by a common debt that superseded the ethnic, environmental, and geographical differences amongst them.

Despite the change in hair and waist lines, this extraordinary group of individuals, have again converged to ensure that the next generation of leaders, husbands, fathers, and brothers remain enshrined with the qualities needed to make a positive impact in today’s global environment.

Esteemed floreats! We are located far and wide, often constituting the pivotal engine room of most locations and organizations we find ourselves in. This assures me of a pleasant future for the association and our various circles of influence, due to the quality of men we have become.

With the support, unity of purpose, and determination of all of us, our association will continue to prosper.

God bless King’s College Lagos.

Akindele Ogundepo,

1995 -2001 Set President

King’s College Lagos


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